May 21st – Life of Elijah #1 “Standing in the Gap”
May 28th – Life of Elijah #2 “God’s Boot Camp”
June 4th – Life of Elijah #3 “The Road to Zerephath”
June 11th – Life of Elijah #4 “The Impossible Made Possible”
June 18th – Life of Elijah #5 “1 vs. 850”
June 25th – Life of Elijah #6 “God Never Forgets”
July 2nd – Life of Elijah #7 “A Peturbed Prophet”
July 9th – Life of Elijah #8 “Going to the Dogs”
July 16th – Life of Elijah #9 “Gone With The Wind”
July 23rd – “Clearance Sale at the Temple”
July 30th – Matt Cavallin Preaching “Pilgrims on the Way”
August 6th – Forgiveness #1 “Forgiving Those Jerks”
August 13th – Forgiveness #2 “Fish, Forgiveness, Fury”
August 20th – Forgiveness #3 “Tough Forgiveness”
August 27th – Forgiveness #4 “All in the Family”
September 3rd – “What is the Gospel?”
September 10th – “What Now?”
September 17th – Greg Hull Preaching “Gratitude”
September 24th – Who Are We Really? #1 “Our Purpose”
October 1st – Who Are We Really? #2 “Holy, But Not Perfect”
October 8th – Who Are We Really #3 “God’s Greatest Command”
October 15th – Who Are We Really #4 “Being God’s Temple”
October 22nd – Who Are We Really #5 “Buried with Christ”
October 29th – Who Are We Really #6 “Membership Matters”
November 5th – Who Are We Really #7 “Celebrating Death”
November 12th – A Mini-Series on Prayer #1 “The True Power of Prayer”
November 19th – A Mini-Series on Prayer #2 “Check Your Sources”
November 26th – A Mini-Series on Prayer #3 “Praying is Believing”
December 3rd – Christmas Characters #1 “That Christmas Attitude”
December 10th – Christmas Characters #2 “A Humble Servant”
December 24th – Christmas Characters #3 “A Cross in the Manger”
Christmas Eve Service – Pastor Lawrence Klingsheim Preaching Christmas Eve Service
December 31st – Greg Hull Preaching “It’s the Little Things that Matter”
January 7th – Nehemiah Series #1 “Getting Started Right”
January 14th – Nehemiah Series #2 “Building the Walls”